Top Attractions and excursions in Dahab

Undiscovered place called beautiful Dahab is served by the Sharm El Sheikh airport which receives many tourists from all over the world.The perfect way through which the travelers can explore the true colors of the city, Dahab where the travelers can find beautiful palm trees,amazing restaurants,bars, hotels, shops, camps and thrilling nightlife. There are many fun activities that the travelers can enjoy at Dahab climbing Mountains,Bedouin safari, Wind surfing, Kite surfing, kayaking and quad-bikes trip. Diving is the most popular activity in Dahab and the famous diving sites are Abu Helal, Blue Hole, Eel Garden,Three Pools,The Bells,Coral Garden and Canyon.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Blue Hole, Moses Mountain,

Dahab Day Tours

The best of Dahab

    Colored Canyon Jeep Safari


    You can’t leave Sinai without doing some hiking. The Colored Canyon is only 120 KM drive from Sharm best reached by 4×4, where you can spend a day enjoying a 2 hours walk.

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      Hiking Trip Moses Mountain

      Mountain Trek

      Mount Sinai, Called Mt. Horeb in the Bible and locally known as Jebel Musa, Mt Sinai is considered to be the place where Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments from God, One of the highest mountains in Egypt,

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